Hairstyling and Products

Choosing a proper hairstyle for your face shape is necessary.

Google your face shape and hair type with “hairstyles” as the suffix, scroll through the images and choose the desired one!

Blow-Dryer? Do you really need one?

The answer is YES, a blow-dryer is a key element in creating any hairstyle. It boosts the hair volume and helps in lifting it and shaping it.

What product to use?

Waxes, pastes, gels, pomade, putty, hairspary, clay etc.

There are a lot of hair products out there in the market and each one of them create different hairstyles and are meant  for different hair types.


Waxes covers an wide range of hairstyling products.

They are thick cream-like products which can provide various results depending upon their type. They can pretty much be used for creating majority of the hairstyles.

Waxes should be preferred to create more of a casual look or a party look.

Waxes can provide medium shine or low shine(matte), high hold or medium hold; this is usually mentioned on the packaging.

To remove waxes from your hair you need to shampoo your hair

Putty/Cream/Paste/Clay: These are sub categories of waxes and provide different amount of hold and shine, usually mentioned on packaging.



Pomades are high hold and high shine products usually used to create a formal look. These are perfect for formal side-part hairstyles and slick backs.

They can be water based or oil(petroleum) based.

To wash pomades you must shampoo your hair.



Gels are high hold products which give your hair a wet look and can create a large number of hairstyles. These are water based products, meaning you can wash gels off using  water instead of shampooing.

Although gels are good styling products they are not so good for your hair. They can make your hair dry and crunchy due to their high alcohol content. Try using alcohol free gels to avoid the above mentioned drawbacks.



These are spray products which lock your hair into position after styling.

A burst of hairspary after applying a styling product will keep you hairstyle intact much longer.


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