Keeping your hair healthy is extremely necessary. The damage caused to your hair by applying products, heat etc must be repaired.

Things that can damage your hair:

Drugstore shampoos or cheap shampoos have a lot of chemicals in them and have a high sulphate content which remove all your natural hair oil.

Invest in good low-chemical sulphate free shampoos for healthy hair.

Similarly, most drugstore available hairstyling products have a high alcohol content which makes you hair dry and might cause split ends.

Use good quality products available on online sites which contain less chemicals.

Blow Dryers and hair straighteners

Too much heat can damage your hair.

Blow Dryers and hair straighteners apply direct and extreme heat to your hair causing some damage. To minimise this damage, using a heat protectant  is necessary. Heat protectents are sprays which do not allow heat to cause harm to your hair. These should also be used when going out in the sun



Chemical Straightening  or keratin straightening must be avoided since it can cause a lot of hairfall to majority of the people. Besides you can’t use shampoos of your choice after this type of straightening.

To straighten your hair, it is advised that you use a straightening mask or a straightening tool instead of keratin straightening.

Serums, Oils and Leave in Conditioners

Serums are applied to hair to tame frizz and provide nourishment. You can use different  serums depending on the outcome you desire.

Oils are extremely important as they provide a lot of different vitamins and nourishment to your hair. Oiling you hair and shampooing it atleast twice a week will keep your hair healthy and luscious.

Argan Oil or Moroccon Oil is the best hair oil.

Leave-In Conditioners are basically conditioners which do not need water or shampooing. You can apply these straight in your hair when they are dry. These also tame frizz and provide nourishment. They help in keeping your hair softer and healthier 


Do not be afraid to use products which are marketed towards women. They can be used by men too.


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